The Life Cycle of RAW Cider

  • Tending Tending
  • Growth Growth
  • Harvest Harvest
  • Pressing Pressing
  • Fermentation Fermentation
  • Product Product

A cider experience for all

Levi Danielson set out to make a career in cidermaking after realizing that the place he would be happiest, in what he does day to day, is by making a career out of being surrounded by nature - out in the wild. And so, RAW Cider was born! He realized he could accomplish his goal while also helping people live better lives by creating a product that was more natural; straight from the earth. Levi takes pride in what he does from orchard practices to production and bottling product. RAW Cider strives to introduce people to new flavors that naturally exist beyond the grocery store varieties most consumers are familiar with. This is achieved by making a refined product that is accessible to everyone, all while elevating the full cider experience.

Frequently asked questions

Yes - We can ship all across the US! Our new product will soon be available for non-local customers. Visit our shop page to find out more. 

Yes! We partner with local businesses in the Portland area to bring our bottled and draft products straight to you! Send us a message through our Contact page for an up-to-date list of where you can find us at a store near you.

We use apples specifically cultivated for cider making. Most varietals we focus on are bittersweet, sharp and bittersharp with an emphasis on French varietals. All of our fruit is grown here in the Pacific Northwest. We also use pears to make perry. Types of pears we use include perry specific fruit, Anjou pears and wild pears.