About RAW Cider

Work With Wild

RAW Cider Company practices traditional methods, mostly French, with a contemporary approach to attain clean, balanced and interesting products. A light hand guided by a solid understanding of biology and chemistry allows us to follow the fruit’s fermentation naturally and with little interference.


We hunt for good and interesting fruit in both Oregon and Washington. Most of our pears are harvested from a 50 year old pear orchard overlooking Mt. Hood. Some is foraged from 30 ft wild trees found off trail, and still other fruit is acquired through small local producers who are growing something special. The diversity of the fruit itself peeks through every sip of our product, creating blends that are thoughtfully wild.


We do the work others aren’t willing to do. Tend to the orchard. Practice sustainable farming. Help with harvest. Ferment slowly. Hand disgorge. Invest in relationships. It may take extra time, but cultivating something this good usually does.

About the Team

Levi Danielson - RAW Cider Headshot

Levi Danielson

Owner & Cidermaker

Fermentations are Levi’s creative outlet. He walked away from his career in biomedical science and healthcare to pursue cidermaking professionally in 2018. After a short stint working for cidermakers in Portland, Oregon, he moved to France for a season to work on an organic farm producing cider. Producing French cider and visiting some of the best cidermakers (and some winemakers) in the world has shaped his perspective and approach to cidermaking which he will continue to hone for the rest of his career.

Nikki Panos - RAW Cider Headshot

Nikki Panos

Brand Manager

Nikki sidestepped into the world of fermentation by way of zookeeping, informal education and cheesemongering. After training animals and then going off to eat and sell copious amounts of fine cheese, she soon recognized cheeses’ affinity toward cider and fell hard for it, working in the industry now for nearly a decade. Cider offers an exceptional and tangible opportunity to build community and teach. From fermentation science, to history, to agriculture and sustainability, flavor and pairings, nearly anyone can find common ground, and enjoy a glass. Contagious curiosity and building connections are what drives her work at RAW Cider

Zee Crain - RAW Cider Headshot

Zee Crain

Social Media Manager

Zee brings several years of experience managing social accounts for creative companies, private schools, local artists, and more! Zee specializes in graphic design and composition and has an eye for visuals that are unique and aesthetically pleasing. Growing up in the music and art scene of Nashville, TN, Zee had the creative influence of music city as a driving force behind her artistic expression. She is currently completing a degree in Marketing and loves to connect and network with other creatives.

Brian Reese

Investor & Advisor

Brian Reese is the founder, and CEO of multiple companies including the renowned VA Claims Insider. Brian is a former Air Force Officer, and he has made it his life’s work to serve the very veterans that give us our freedom daily in this great country. Brian is an avid businessman, entrepreneur, author, family man, husband to his beautiful bride Laurel and dad to their three young children. Having grown up in Minnesota, Brian loves the outdoors and can still be found playing some local rec hockey on his lunch breaks!